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Cinematography (from Greek: kinema "movement" and graphein "to record")

is the creation of motion picture images.

Cinematography is an art form unique to motion pictures.

unfolding story... captured moment... treasured memory... for posterity

Our mission is simple — to provide artistic, creative, one-of-a-kind videos that you will treasure for years to come. We are committed to capturing all the special moments of your important day and weaving them together to create a cinematic masterpiece.


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Your Wedding day...

Its almost here!

You are here because this decisive moment in your life is fast approaching and it will redefine your life and your story forever. Let us capture all the stories that make up your big day and preserve them for years to come! This is your moment, your turning point and from here your story becomes truly legendary.

Cinematic 'sizzle' Highlight reel


Fully edited wedding film with natural sound


Chaptered Blu Ray and DVDs


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Ready 3 Weeks from your wedding day!

Wedding film features

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We can make it happen!

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Every Wedding is different

Each bride is unique!

You will not just watch

But relive how it felt, sounded, every special moment kept to be shared with the next generation!




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